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The World's largest multi-sport festival for businesses and organisations

Games Features

Logo & Sport Symbols

The Corporate Games Roundel

The logo's central roundel represents the global scope of the Worldwide Corporate Games Community and, in particular, the World Corporate Games. The roundel reflects the planet and the unified concept of the worldwide staging of the Games.

The diagonal lines emerging from the roundel represent at first the lanes of athletic tracks or swimming pools thereby indicating the sporting nature of the Games where all are even at the starting line. These also can be seen as the charts of company performance, or the architectural lines of skyscrapers in the financial districts of great cities.

The changing colours of the logo represent the level of the Games with red for city or provincial, green for national, cyan for regional, and magenta for the World Corporate Games.

The Sports Symbols of the Corporate Games

The circular sports symbols represent one of the many sports of the Games. All depict the essence of the sport. Each is copyright. They cannot be used without written permission of the World Headquarters.