Welcome to the World Corporate Games

The World's largest multi-sport festival for businesses and organisations


Team Building

  • The ultimate corporate team building activity!
  • Represent your organisation in the largest multi-sport festival in Europe.
  • Improving teamwork in a competitive, yet fun, environment. One team, one dream.
  • Create the ‘office team’, striving for success through the feeling of togetherness.
  • Sport, commitment and passion. Be proud to represent YOUR organisation.

The Corporate Games gives you a unique and unrivalled team building opportunity to effectively integrate your employees into one cohesive team, both during the weekend and back into the workplace. Through the medium of sport, the Corporate Games facilitates an opportunity through which your workforce can pull together as one to proudly represent their organisation alongside their colleagues.

Our 24 sport programme enables every person in your workplace to find a sport that they will enjoy. Enabling you to revolutionise your team building activities, allowing all your staff members to compete and represent their organisation in the same weekend. Competing, supporting and enjoying their organisation during the ultimate weekend of; sport, business and tourism.

Every company is constantly searching for a method that creates the team atmosphere in the workplace which; fosters enjoyment, harnesses enthusiasm and drives for success. The Corporate Games gives your business the remarkable opportunity to effective create this team spirit, it is guaranteed to form strong bonds & friendships throughout your organisation which will transform into positive results when back in the workplace!