Istanbul Set to Celebrate 10th Corporate Games whilst Jalisco Gets Ready for their 1st

The 7th-10th of June is set to be an amazing weekend for the Worldwide Corporate Games Community with two excellent Games taking place in two wonderful diverse destinations.  Congratulations are well and truly deserved in Turkey, as Istanbul will proudly celebrate staging it’s 10th Istanbul Corporate Games with a great selection of well contested sports and massive Celebrations.

It looks like an opportunity that is not to be missed and the experienced team in Turkey always deliver a fantastic Games.

Over 4000 participants will soon be flocking to the courts, the tracks and the pitches of Istanbul with over 185 unique organisations set to be represented.  There will undoubtedly be some fantastic fun and frivolity as the athletes and organisations set the scene for another spectacular Grand Parade and Opening Celebration at the iconic Taksim Square on the evening of Friday the 8th June.  Good luck catching those tennis balls, enjoy the outstanding Band and don’t forget your company banners too!

At the other side of the World, Games participants in Jalisco Mexico will be dusting off their Tennis rackets and polishing their football boots as they get set for their inaugural Jalisco Corporate Games in this great destination.  The team in Mexico have been delighted with the spirit of the populace who have recognised the outstanding array of benefits that the Games can offer and everyone is looking forward to getting the Games underway.  A lot of planning has gone in to ensure the venues are prepared and the coordinators are ready to get the sports under way.  Soccer is almost packed to capacity and we are sure that there will be some great skills on show.

This is an exciting time for the Worldwide Corporate Games Community and we would like to wish everyone, whether it is their first Games or their tenth a splendid weekend and the best of luck.  Enjoy the ultimate mix of sport, business and tourism and seize every opportunity that comes your way…

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  • Estela

    12th June 2012 at 14:05 Reply

    Hello, we just had the Corporate Games here in Guadalajara, Mexico. question, what happens now to the winners? are there international competitions for those who won? -thanks.

    • bensedgemore

      12th June 2012 at 14:34 Reply

      Hi Estela, congratulations on your participation and on your success. As you will have seen, there are multiple opportunities to participate in the Games across the Globe and the number of great destinations is growing all of the time but you do not have to be a winner to participate. The Games welcomes everyone wherever you live. However, there is a World Corporate Games that offers winners from other Games destinations the opportunity to participate and represent their organisation without a Games entry fee. Details on the World Corporate Games should be released on the website soon. Watch this space for details and congratulations once again.

  • Alonso Paredes

    14th June 2012 at 23:30 Reply

    Hola estuvimos en los Corporate Games de Jalisco quería saber si tienen mas fotos de estos?

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