Preparation for a Games

As any of the Corporate Games get closer each week, more and more of the preparations for the running of the project are being finalised.

Some of the bigger-picture details, such as where the Games are to be staged, or which sports are to appear on the Official Programme, are sorted out sometimes a year or two in advance, whereas some of the finer details, such as where the Parade route will be, or how the Party venue will be dress, are sorted out nearer the time, as these ‘details’ are dependent on other influences, such as the number of anticipated Athletes, for example.

In the past, people that I have met during the Games weekend are amazed at how the Games weekends are staged. It’s easy to think that someone has organised the Party, for example, and that it ‘just happens’, but there’s actually quite a lot of work involved in that area alone, and that’s not really what the Games are all about, even.

Having been on this side of the curtain for quite a while now, it’s easy to get blasé about some of the various aspects within the Games weekend, but when we get to see the sports taking place over the weekend itself, seeing people all across a city competing in the Games for their organisation, the feeling is quite humbling to say the least. Thousands of people put their trust in us to stage a weekend of sporting activities, most of which consist of around 20 sports in all, as well as the Party, the Parade and Closing Celebrations.  Even the prizes for the Tennis Ball Hit Out have to be sourced.

Working at a Games office really is good fun. Like any job, it has it’s pressures. For us, trying to entertain thousands of people for a weekend, happens to be our ‘pressure’.  At the moment, we’re still on the run-up to the UK Corporate Games 2011, being staged in Loughborough and things are going to get much busier in the office, but we think that’s when the fun starts!

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