Could November be the Biggest Month in Corporate Games History?

Following on from the resounding success of the Corporate Games Tokyo 2014, the Asia Pacific Corporate Games will be taking place from 13-15th November 2015.


More than 6000 entrants from across Japan participated in a wonderful Games in Tokyo last year and the appetite seems stronger than ever to deliver an even more impressive Games this time around.

Local Games Director , Masao Tejima said “It has been 7 months since we staged Corporate Games Tokyo 2014, in which over 6000 entrants participated. We received many favourable comments and we saw participants becoming heroes and smiling. This year, we will be staging the Asia Pacific Corporate Games which should be an even larger Games, in the Tokyo Bayside Area.  This area successfully hosted the Games last year. Through the Games, we are looking forward to seeing you and hope everyone will interact each other with a great spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect”.

Such was the demand for places last year that the local organising committee have decided to add some universally popular mass participation team events to their exciting programme for the fun-filled weekend alongside the ever popular Dodgeball, Futsal and Baseball.

Tug of War will also be added so that entrants have a chance to flex their muscles and display their camaraderie in a different way.

Tokyo is a massive City with a world renowned business infrastructure.  Furthermore with sporting interest growing significantly following the award of the Olympics for 2020, health and activity seem to be on everyone’s agenda.


One of the Games major supporting partners is Mitsui Fudosan Residential who have both commercial and residential properties in the area.  Their representative Toru Inoue said

“Mitsu Fudosan Residential is aiming to revitalize and reinvigorate the feelings associated with the Tokyo Bayside Area (Tokyo Wangan Area) towards 2020 by creating a project called “WANGAN ACTION”*.

We decided to stage the Corporate Games in the Wangan Area last year as our one of our major  WANGAN ACTION initiatives. I was very impressed to see athletes competing, encouraging, and communicating with each other actively. We promise that the Games this year  will help participants interact with each other and the local community to energize and benefit everyone involved. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Games and we guarantee that the Games will create an array of opportunities for you and for your organisation regardless of where you are from.”

Some impressive venues have already been confirmed like the Yumenoshima Stadium that successfully hosted the massive Relay marathon last year.  Thousands of participants are expected for this sport alone and there will be half and full marathon options for people to enjoy.  Futsal is always popular in Japan and these great venues should witness a few great goals over the duration of the Games –  with Futsal Club Tokyo , Ramos Field and Ginza de Futsal selected.


Doug White, Global Partnerships Director at Games World Headquarters said, “after the resounding success of the Games in Tokyo last year we are delighted that competing companies will get the chance to enjoy another fabulous weekend in this powerful metropolitan prefecture, we know that visitors will have an incredible experience wherever they are from”.

Last year saw some incredible celebrations staged with popular Japanese artists like Rip Slyme wowing the crowds of party goers who all enjoyed the fabulous spirit at the Games.

The Asia Pacific Corporate Games will be held on the same weekend as the World Corporate Games that will be staged in Mexico City this year, so that weekend could be a huge one for sport, business and tourism.  What’s more the Australian Corporate Games will follow these two great Games at the end of November and there is even something for Winter sport enthusiasts with the inaugural Tignes Winter Corporate Games in France.

Enjoy your Games in the meantime whether they are in Queensland, Istanbul, the UK, Bucharest, Cape Town or another fabulous destination but get ready for November – as that could be the biggest month for the Corporate Games ever…


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