Bermuda Government endorses event at Media Launch

Bermuda Corporate Games
October 25 – 28, 2012

Bermuda Corporate Games

On Thursday 15th December 2011 at 1400h, Corporate Games Headquarters is pleased to announce Bermuda as the Host Country for the inaugural Atlantic Corporate Games. This multisport festival will be largest community-driven event to come to the island, attracting high profile corporate industry leaders from global businesses, in a mass participation of unique sports, reflecting the host location over 4 days of sport, networking and social activities.

The Games will be proudly hosted at a selection of the best venues Bermuda has to offer and the island will welcome thousands of competitors flocking to enter the largest event of its kind in the Atlantic region.  The participants are ‘weekend sports warriors’ – everyday athletes who get fit for business and for life through participation in sport.

Based on Games HQ research, early indications suggest that this event could inject over $2,500,000 for the local economy and will showcase Bermuda with its outstanding facilities and our international business presence to its visiting corporate participants.  Some of the world’s largest businesses will attend, including household names such as HSBC, Intel, Microsoft, Deloitte and KPMG, to name but a few.

Minister of Business Development and Tourism, the Hon. Wayne Furbert added:

“This Games is being billed as the quintessential event that will attract local and international business participants, inviting them to engage in several days of fun and competitive sporting activities. So we are thrilled and excited about the exposure Bermuda will receive from this event and as such, I am pleased to endorse and support the 2012 Bermuda Corporate Games.”

The Whitfield Group Ltd, the Island’s leading marketing and events agency and sole licensee for the Atlantic region, is bringing the event to Bermuda, the Host Country, sponsored by the Bermuda Department of Tourism.  Originating in San Francisco in 1988, the Corporate Games have played an integral part in the history and development of non-elite sport across the Globe.

Organisers at the Bermuda Corporate Games are excited that the Games have finally arrived in the region.  With global reach and an established model, the Games offer:

  • 25 years of Games experience
  • Corporate Games HQ becomes the ‘back office’ support in delivery of the Games
  • Presence on the Official Corporate Games website that draws over 2 million hits a year
  • Access to a database of over 18,000 corporations that have participated in the Games
  • Over 1 million sport participants that have competed in the Games
  • Feature articles in their 50,000 newsletter email subscriber list

Suzie Pewter, President of The Whitfield Group Ltd commented:

“It is an outstanding opportunity for corporations to invest in their employees, building on team-building, staff integration, confidence and loyalty whilst enhancing the corporate brand and promoting business relations with visiting organisations.

This all adds to Bermuda’s economic platform, combining the perfect mix of business, tourism and sport.”

Dr Maureen Johnston, President and Founder of the Worldwide Corporate Games Community, which has more than 20 national and regional Corporate Games in progress, commented:

“The Bermuda Corporate Games is the global ultimate in corporate multi-sports festivals and this is an incredibly exciting time for us.  The Games brings people and teams together from worldwide destinations, giving opportunities to everyday athletes who play sport for fun and for the fitness it provides.  Each person is there to represent their company, institution, club or workplace.  Competitors will not be elite superstars but they will play hard and enjoy the camaraderie and respect that real competition in sport and life can offer.”

The sports selected will reflect the sophisticated sports infrastructure and exceptional facilities in support of the sporting bodies of Bermuda, with a minimum guideline of 12 – 15 sports. There will be a sport for everyone, with no restriction on age or qualifying standards.

Businesses and corporations from Bermuda will be challenged by multinational visiting teams from across the Worldwide Corporate Games Community, major North-American cities such as New York, Boston, Miami and Toronto.  However, the Games aren’t just for the huge and mighty of the world’s organisations, it welcomes even the smallest business, group or club to participate and become winners.  A team can be made up of one person or more than a thousand.

Athletes compete for Medals and Corporate Awards, whilst also enjoying the buzz and atmosphere of the island and its beautiful surroundings.

In addition to the sporting competition, the Games offers a unique environment for business networking and social activities, specifically designed to present outstanding corporate hospitality and opportunities for direct marketing and networking to Bermuda’s local and International businesses, on a one-to-one basis.

Competition is inclusive and accessible to all, with institutions, businesses and multinational companies travelling to Bermuda for the event.  Local organizations, retailers, government agencies, partnerships, sports clubs and the community will also be eligible to enter.  Teams may include employees, colleagues, clients, family and friends.  The Bermuda Corporate Games is open to everyone.

Minister of Youth, Families and Sports, the Hon. Glenn A. Blakeney JP, MP commented:

“As this event promises to be one of the largest corporate driven community events to come to the Island, it is a great opportunity to showcase Bermuda and our fine sports facilities. I fully support any initiatives that serve to put Bermuda on the map. The Bermuda Corporate Games will only add to our island’s efforts to be recognized as a world class sporting venue with excellent infrastructure and uniquely welcoming amenities.”

Dawn-Louise Kerr, Team Leader from company Fujitsu, has participated in more than 20 Games:

“The Games are without doubt one of the most eagerly-awaited events in the Fujitsu calendar, and provides us with an opportunity to shine in our respective sports, and compete against some of our old friends and foes!”


About the Bermuda Corporate Games

The Bermuda Corporate Games October 25 — 28 2012, is a 4-day multi sport festival for businesses. The event will showcase Bermuda’s outstanding sports facilities and based on Games HO research, early indications suggest that this event could inject over $2,500,000 into the local community through restaurants, retail and tourism, not including accommodation or airfares.

This multisport festival will be largest community-driven event to come to the island, attracting high profile corporate industry leaders from the global community, in a mass participation of unique sports, reflecting the host location that will bring new business to the Island, increase tourism numbers and engage local and international companies in friendly competition, networking opportunities and social activities.

About The Whitfield Group Ltd.

The Whitfield Group Ltd. is an Official Licensee of the Corporate Games within the Atlantic region. The Whitfield Group Ltd was established in 1986 in Bermuda and is one of the Island’s leading marketing agencies, with well-established credentials in event management, corporate branding and related fields.

About the Bermuda Department of Tourism
Host Country Sponsor

Bermuda stretches for 21 miles along turquoise waters and is surrounded by a 200-square- mile coral reef plateau. The destination’s accommodations range from luxury resorts to intimate guest cottages and family-run inns, all incorporating the sophistication and hospitality unique to the Bermuda experience. Bermuda’s diverse activities offer an array of vacation options all year round, including more wreck dives than anywhere else in the world, more golf per square mile than anywhere else in the world, world-renowned deep sea fishing, world-class spas and smooth pink beaches, all closer to you than you think.

For more information about the Bermuda Corporate Games please contact:

The Whitfield Group Ltd
Official Licensee for the Atlantic Corporate Games

T +441 292 6386



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