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So you’re all signed-up, excited and ready for a weekend of fun, sport and competition. It’s going to be an amazing weekend full of opportunities, team building and new experiences.

You’re already a forward-thinking lot having entered a team and realising the benefits of the Corporate Games to “get fit for business” …  however, have you thought much about getting fit for the event?

Unless your business is health and fitness, you’re likely faced with the the task of how to get yourself or your team fit for the event.

Getting the right balance of the type and amount of training is important for performance, but it’s also important to help avoid those aches, pains and niggles that can often creep up on you, especially if you’re relatively new to the sport.  Sore knees is a really common example!

Fear not…

Dr Claire Minshull Hi, I’m Dr Claire Minshull, founder of Get Back To Sport and as official partners to the Corporate Games I and my team can provide you with exactly what you need; whether that just be advice, a bespoke tailored training programme for you and your team, or in-house conditioning classes – no matter what your goals are. I have 20 years’ of experience in the field of sports medicine and I’ve had the pleasure of providing leading conditioning support for hundreds of people, from elite athletes, recreational games players and those with injury.  Right now, I’m currently enjoying working with some of Capital One’s marathon team.


Get back To Sport we will provide you with the right balance of training and conditioning to physically prepare you for the weekend, future proof you against injury whilst still maintaining the element of fun!

Some of the services Get Back To Sport can offer your business include:

  • FREE* Lunchtime seminars on how to condition for your sport
  • Bespoke training plans
  • Group / individual training sessions

Please get in touch to enquire and find out how you can get fit for the Games!


Tel: 07980 000 316

*Available in some areas

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