Another Great Year for the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community

Well, it is official!

2017 was officially the best year ever for the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community.  2017 saw more organisations represented and more participants involved in Corporate Games and Corporate Cup activity across the Globe than ever before.

We are thankful for the commitment and support of each and every participant, every official and every organisation that has supported the Games.  Without people and organisations like yours – there can never be a Games!

The Games programme started in Transylvania in January before moving through Europe, Asia and South America, into Africa, finally culminating with the World Corporate Games in Houston Texas returning to the USA (for the first time for more than 25 years) and closing 2017 with the largest Games of the year in Melbourne Australia.  What a year that was!

Whether you ran, walked, raced, played, partied or just enjoyed the celebrations we hope you had as wonderful a time as we did.  They certainly partied hard in Nottingham in the UK-even when the lights came on!

We are constantly trying to raise the bar, to enhance the Games and Cup experiences as well as ensuring that you have the opportunity to meet more people and create even better memories across the globe.  Please share any ideas that you think can help us to enhance the opportunities, benefits and enjoyment that our events provide.  We really value your feedback and we are genuinely striving to improve, develop and grow further.

So what have we got in store for 2018?  Hopefully more of the same but with a host of great new destinations to add to the programme.  If you are after a new location to sample the Games, then why not try Karachi the gateway to Pakistan in February, the impressive City of Lima in Peru in May, or new Games destinations of Monterrey in Mexico and Kansai in Japan in addition to the existing Games in Mexico City and Tokyo.  Maybe Lyon in France may be a good one for you.  Canada and Ecuador should have Games dates and destinations listed shortly and there is also a new Games planned for Holland in 2019 to look forward too.  Rest assured that wherever you decide to participate we will be working with our teams to give you the best possible experience.

Did you Know?

October 2018 will see us celebrate the passing of 30 years since the first Games was staged in San Francisco in 1988. This is a fabulous testament to the enduring qualities, the international appeal and the universal benefits and longevity of the Games.  The Games remains the ultimate mix of sport, business and tourism.  If you have entered or worked on any Games ever, you have helped us to reach this milestone and we are truly grateful.  We made it happen together.

Let’s hope that there will be some wonderful experiences for you and all of our sponsors, supporters and stakeholders next year within the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you do, and whoever you are, regardless of your age or level of sporting ability – in the spirit of the Games and in the ethos of Sport For Life – we sincerely hope that 2018 is a wonderful year for us all…

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