Introducing Official Transport Provider Waltons Coaches – Getting you to and from the Games

We are delighted to welcome Waltons Coach Hire Company as our newest supporter of the 2012 UK Corporate Games in Preston.

Official Transport Provider Waltons Coaches are committed to cruising our athletes to and from our busy venues across the Games weekend.  Situated in the quiet village of Freckleton, close to the city of Preston and within easy reach of the motorway network, their experienced drivers are helpful, courteous and are well presented in the company uniform, with outstanding knowledge of the local area.

Waltons Coaches are on standby and ready to take your bookings!

Vehicles available for hire include:

(All transport options include fitted seat belts.)

For the past 25 years Waltons Coaches have been hiring out coaches and buses for private and contract work. For more information please phone our friendly office team, who will be happy to speak to you and quote you on any job.

Are you a team leader?  Do you or your team require transport in or around Preston across the Games weekend this July?  For hassle free transfer from hotel to sports venue to celebrations, make Waltons Coaches your preferred Transport Partner.

Contact Jill, Sales Manager for Waltons Coaches for quotes and to build a transport solution for your Games itinerary:

Tel           +44 (0) 1772 634 563
Mobile    +44 (0) 788 567 2770
Email      [email protected]

 Follow Walton’s Coaches on Facebook!











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Coventry Awarded 2013 UK Corporate Games

We are delighted to announce that the UK Corporate Games 2013 has been awarded to the City of Coventry.

Coventry, which is the UK’s 11th largest City overcame stiff competition from all corners of the Country to be named the prestigeous destination for Europe’s largest Corporate Multisport festival.  The City boasts some exceptional facilities, with the iconic Jaguar Exhibition Hall at the Ricoh Arena already being named as the magnificent setting for the Games SuperCentre.

Games Director, Ben Sedgemore commented ” we were very lucky to receive a number of impressive bids to stage the Games and it was a very difficult decision in the end.  That said, Coventry has some amazing attributes that will be unknown to many people.  The Bid evaluation team were blown away by the quality of facilities and infrastructure in Coventry, the impeccable sports and celebration venues at the University of Warwick as well as the enthusiasm of the partners.  These combined attributes, the quality of hotels, the transport network and the central location made it an unbeatable combination this year.

Martin Reeves, CEO of Coventry City Council gave us a picture of the ambitious redevelopment plans that they have for the City and we were all very impressed with his drive and determination.  In addition, it was clear that Alan Robinson, Director of Training and Conferences at the University of Warwick immediately recognised the immense potential inherent within the Games having witnessed the 2011 version at Loughborough University.

We all know that the Games can offer unlimited opportunities for everyone as well as providing a massive economic boost to the region and we are delighted to be working with these partners to create a truly amazing event in July 2013.”

The UK Corporate Games Coventry 2013 will take place from the 4th – 7th July and it already looks set to be a groundbreaking event.  Further details will be announced via the blog and Games gossip in the coming months but for advance enquiries please email [email protected].

Coventry will be hoping to capitalize on the Games potential in a similar way to the current UK Corporate Games host, Preston.

Fot those that don’t know, the Games in Preston coincides with the City’s 800th Guild year celebrations and is also aligned with the City’s status as European City of Sport.  Doug White, Marketing Manager at the Games commented ” We have been delighted with the welcome that we have received from the City of Preston.  Businesses, Individuals and sports enthusiasts are all flocking to seize the unlimited opportunities that the Games creates and we know that each and every one of them will enjoy an unforgettable weekend.  Preston has plenty to be proud of and we can’t wait for July!  Preston City Council understood the Power of the Games from the outset and we are working very hard with them to maximise every potential opportunity.  The Games will be a focal point of their Guild Year celebrations and thousands of people have already signed up to participate.”

So there you have it, if you have not done so already, start planning for two spectacular events in July…

Jaguar Land Rover Motor into the Games as they Celebrate 50 Years

Whether you are a lover of the big and bold Range Rover Evoque, or a die-hard fan of the smooth and sleek Jaguar XF – everyone will agree that Jaguar Land Rover is a company continuing to build on its proud heritage as a manufacturer of British motors.

The UK Corporate Games would like to welcome Jaguar Land Rover back onto the track as our Official Vehicle Provider for the 19th UK Corporate Games.

Jaguar Land Rover are in fact celebrating 50 years of operation at its Halewood plant, located just outside Liverpool, a mere stone’s throw away Preston, the home of Europe’s largest corporate multi sport festival for 2012.  Staff at the Jaguar Land Rover Halewood plant are limbering up for what’s guaranteed to be a fantastic weekend of sport, business and tourism.  Some are even looking to defend sporting titles that were secured at the last Games staged in the North-West of England, the UK Corporate Games Liverpool 2010.

Over 60 Years On and Still Going Strong
The Halewood Plant has got every reason to celebrate!  The first Land Rover made its debut in 1948. It was designed with brilliant simplicity for extraordinary ability and unrivalled strength and durability. In fact, six decades on it is estimated that two-thirds of all these incredible vehicles are still at work – many of them in some of the most extreme conditions and inhospitable places on earth.

Learn more about the History and Heritage of the Land Rover.

Over 50 years later…this culture of innovation has continued to develop with both Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles featuring new models, more refinement, more innovative technology, more efficiency and fewer emissions. Though the Brand is incredibly strong it is never complacent, as demonstrated by it’s continued attempts to improve with initiatives such as e_Terrain Technologies (which improves the environmental performance of vehicles by reducing CO2 emissions), Sustainable Manufacturing and CO2 Offsetting. Land Rover will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of advanced design – keeping it at the cutting edge of technology and engineering.  This drive, determination and powerful relationship with the Sport, Business and Tourism market clearly make Jaguar Land Rover an ideal partner for the Corporate Games.

From humble beginnings:  LRX Concept and ‘Huey,’ the First Production Land Rover From 1948, at Solihull Facility in England.

The UK Corporate Games would like to welcome Jaguar Land Rover – Halewood Plant to the Worldwide Corporate Sports Community!

Games Giveaway
Keep your eyes peeled for our Corporate Games Land Rover Discovery 4 as it makes its way around the North West recruiting teams for the Games!
The first 10 people to post a photo of the Corporate Games Discovery onto Twitter (@CorpGamesUK) will win a complimentary entry into the UK Corporate Games!  Happy snapping!

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The UK Corporate Games Welcomes Surridge – Official Kit Partner

Look Like A Team, Play Like A Team.   That’s what Surridge Sport firmly believes in….and so do we!

The UK Corporate Games is delighted to welcome Surridge Sports on board as our Official Kit Partner and latest Games Sponsor.

Conveniently located just down the road from Preston in nearby Burnley, Surridge Sports can be traced all the way back to 1867, where the company was founded as a popular manufacturer of cricket bats.  Many cricketing legends, the likes of which include W.G. Grace, were familiar with the brand – leading to global demand and brand recognition.  A staggering 145 years later, the Group have expanded to include a range of sports equipment solutions, along with a diverse range of team wear.  They are the Official Kit Suppliers for Bury FC and are the biggest supplier in County level Cricket whilst also producing bespoke and stock items in football, hockey, rugby and netball, as well as training bags, training kit and leisurewear.

The Corporate Games team are thrilled to have the support of Surridge Sports for the 19th UK Corporate Games.  With the event building in numbers from both local and national teams, Surridge are keen to assist any participating teams who may require kit for the Games this July.  They have an outstanding array of options and the capacity to deliver great quality, on time.

Ian Young, of Surridge Sports is happy to handle all your team wear needs:

Tel    01282 418444
 Email Ian

A massive welcome to the Surridge Sports team as they become the newest addition to our Worldwide Corporate Sports Community!







































Bermuda – Why You Should Make it Your Corporate Games Destination

A precious jewel set in the North Atlantic Ocean, a pristine environment less than 2 hours from the East Coast of the USA; there is far more to Bermuda than its beautiful beaches, extraordinary diving, over four hundred years of history and incredible architecture.

A leading location for the world’s global economy, combined with world-class sporting facilities and the destination of choice for the tourism industry…Bermuda prides itself on having the perfect mix of Sport, Business and Tourism!

It is also the first Host Country in the Atlantic region to stage one of the World’s largest corporate multi sport festivals: the Bermuda Corporate Games.

Is there a Business Market in Bermuda?
Bermuda may certainly boast itself to be an idyllic recreational retreat, but for those of you that want to know more about the business opportunities in Bermuda, its major international business presence may perhaps comes as a surprise; as a home to some of the world’s best known and most respected insurance and multi-national companies.

Bermuda’s financial services sector is composed of several allied but quite distinct activities, including commercial insurance and reinsurance, captive insurance, corporate and personal trusts, fund administration, international registers of aircraft and shipping and Islamic finance.
The most visible and important activity is commercial insurance and reinsurance.

Bermuda’s first insurance company was formed in 1903 to provide local on-island coverage. The first international insurer arrived on the island in 1947. Since the mid-1980s, the ongoing formation of insurance companies peaked with waves of new capital in 1993 (following Hurricane Andrew), 2001 (after the tragic events of September 2001) and 2005 (after hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma).  Bermuda has emerged as a global insurance centre whose companies boast total assets of over $500 billion and shareholders equity of some $120 billion.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Why Bermuda?
Bermuda’s businesses prosper because the Island offers a stable operating environment, an educated workforce, regulation of the highest international standards, a pro-business mentality and tax neutrality. All supported by top quality support services infrastructure offering legal, accounting and banking facilities.

Bermuda is open for business!

Hosting the Bermuda Corporate Games
The island prides itself on supporting businesses that complement and support the other key pillar of its economy – Tourism.  With the Games deriving from small beginnings in San Francisco 25 years ago, the Corporate Games movement has become a global phenomenon, a mass participation, multi-sports festival that has brought together 20,000 companies from 25 countries around the world and over 1 million participants.  A perfect fit for an island of sporting enthusiasts, for the first time in the Atlantic Region, Bermuda will host its inaugural Games October 2012.

The Bermuda Corporate Games is celebrated as the ultimate mix of Sport, Business and Tourism, with teams pitting themselves against others in the spirit of friendly competition, providing powerful opportunities for companies to invest in their employees, to build company morale, confidence and loyalty, while promoting their corporate brand.  Competition is inclusive and accessible to all, with visiting companies competing against international and local companies, government agencies, sports clubs and other community organizations.

What the Experts Say
A recent McKinsey survey on the ‘Impact of the Economic Downturn on Businesses’ noted the critical importance of non-financial motivators as a method of rewarding staff and boosting business performance. With staff morale at an all time low, at a time when businesses need staff to contribute above and beyond normal expectations, participation in events such as the Corporate Games will result in greater staff retention, through team building, reinforcing employee confidence and enhanced loyalty, resulting in an enhanced positive image of their company.

Behind the Scenes
The Corporate Games have been brought to Bermuda by The Whitfield Group Ltd., the Island’s leading marketing and events agency for the past 25 years, who are the sole licensee for the Atlantic region, an area that includes Bermuda, the east coast of the US and Canada, the Caribbean and Toronto.

Suzie Pewter, President of The Whitfield Group, commented:

“We are delighted to be able to bring the Corporate Games to Bermuda and to be able to partner with the Bermuda Department of Tourism. This is an outstanding opportunity for corporations to invest in their employees, promoting team building, confidence and loyalty, while enhancing their corporate brand and networking with other local and visiting participating organizations”.

The Minister of Bermuda Business Development and Tourism, the Hon. Wayne L. Furbert, JP, MP, whose Ministry is providing critical infrastructure support and the Host Country sponsorship commented:

“The Bermuda Corporate Games are being billed as the quintessential event that will attract local and international business participants, inviting them to engage in several days of fun and competitive sporting activities. We are thrilled and excited about the exposure Bermuda will receive from this event and as such, I am pleased to endorse and support the 2012 Bermuda Corporate Games.”

Minister of Bermuda Youth, Family and Sport, the Hon. Glenn A. Blakeney JP MP added:

“This event promises to be one of the largest corporate events to come to the Island and it is a great opportunity to showcase Bermuda and our fine sports facilities. The Bermuda Corporate Games will add to our efforts to be recognized as a world class sporting venue with excellent infrastructure and uniquely welcoming amenities”.

The Bermuda Corporate Games is for the everyday athlete or ‘Weekend Sport Warrior’ and is open to all ages with no qualifying standards required. The opportunity to build corporate morale, through friendly competition while networking and developing new client contacts, all wrapped around a four day multi sport festival, offers a range of positive outcomes for competing organizations due to the ultimate mix of Sport, Business and Tourism! So take this opportunity to see Bermuda up close, talk to the companies that are thriving on the island or create new relationships with the visiting corporate teams.

Join us for Hand Shakes and High Fives at the Bermuda Corporate Games, October 25 – 28, 2012.

See Bermuda’s 18-Sport Programme

To find out more on how to enter your team email us or telephone +441 232 9999







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Bermuda Corporate Games Sport Program Launch

The Bermuda Corporate Games Official Sport Program has been announced!

After careful consideration and consultation with Bermuda’s Sporting Federations and Associations, the inaugural Bermuda Corporate Games is proud to present its final sports program for its October 2012 event.

Brought to the island by The Whitfield Group Ltd, sole licence holders for the Games in the Atlantic region with support from the Bermuda Department of Tourism, the Bermuda Corporate Games is the first event of its kind to take place along the East Coast and will be hosted between 25 – 28 October 2012.

Nestled between the PGA Grand Slam and the 25th Anniversary of the Bermuda Rugby Classic, the Games estimate between 2,000 – 3,000 local and international athletes who will compete in a mixture of sports for team-building, fun and fitness, whilst scoring points and winning medals along the way.

The Games are open to anyone and everyone, with no barriers to participation.  Teams of every size and kind are welcome to take part in the sporting celebration, with no restriction on age or ability.  This is your chance to get involved and Get Fit for Business!

The confirmed sports are as follows:

Craig Brown, Sport Director for the Bermuda Corporate Games confirmed the Games as an ‘unmissable event on the Bermudian calendar.’

“The team building benefits just cannot be underestimated.  From my experience working with Bermuda’s national sporting teams, it is tough to replicate the camaraderie and team spirit that you experience in team sport when you move into an office environment.  However, I am a firm believer that these Games are the perfect vehicle to promote these values.  The Games will give local and overseas companies the chance to enhance team-building and most importantly to have fun doing it!”

Brown continues:

“The programme has been selected very carefully to offer a wide selection of opportunities to those living on the island, as well as those who may travel from the East Coast, neighbouring islands and further afield.  Every sport encourages both male and female participation – and many of our sports encourage participation in Open, 30+, 40+ and 50+ categories.”

The Games will be proudly hosted at a selection of the best venues that the Island has to offer, where it hopes to welcome thousands of competitors as they enter the largest event of its kind in the Atlantic region.

“We are working with the Bermuda Department of Tourism to ensure that our events are located in as centralised an area as possible.” Brown continues, “This creates a great atmosphere and makes it easy for athletes to get to their sports and also to support their teammates.”

The Bermuda Corporate Games is expected to attract teams from multi-national corporations both island-based and overseas, along with small to medium-sized companies, schools, colleges, clubs, associations and the local community.

The Games will also showcase a number of social events across the sporting weekend, with a Grand Parade of Athletes and Street Fest down Front Street in Hamilton and beach barbecues, to feature our island shores – a truly Bermudian welcome.

Expected to generate over $2.5 million for the local economy, it is a chance to showcase the island and its outstanding facilities as a great place to play sport, socialise and to do business.  It has also received strong support from Bermuda’s civic patrons and sporting veterans, promoting economic investment and business opportunities onto the Island.

Gemma Godfrey, COO for the Bermuda Games, is delighted with the response so far:

“It has been a pleasure to assist with the launch of these inaugural Games.  There was some initial surprise back at World Headquarters in the UK when we heard the first Atlantic Corporate Games were to be hosted in Bermuda.  I think it was everyone’s assumption that the Games would go to a larger city like New York!

However, since arriving on the island, we have been overwhelmed with the abundance of potential venues and the exemplary standard of sporting infrastructure for our event.   We have approached all the sports federations for their support, whom have been excellent and enthusiastic ambassadors for their respective sports – the preference being to recruit locally to make this a true celebration of Bermudian sport.

The welcome we have received has been terrific and we are confident that participants will return to their offices with weary limbs, big smiles and great memories, not to mention some new friends along the way!”

Are you ready for the Games?

Join over 150 companies and over 2,500 amateur sporting hopefuls as Bermuda celebrates a sporting year to remember.  There are 18 sports and an additional 3 profile sports to choose from and medals to be won in every event.

This is your chance to dust off your running shoes, re-string your tennis racquets and limber up for what promises to be a weekend to remember!  Join us for ‘Handshakes and High-Fives’ in Bermuda October 25 – 28, 2012.

The Bermuda Corporate Games  – Get Fit for Business!

+441 232 9999
[email protected] 

Barclays Corporate Welcomes Dragon Crews as Newest Sponsor

Barclays Corporate Logo

A massive welcome to Barclays Corporate as our latest Bronze Champion.  Barclays Corporate are eagerly anticipating the Dragonboat racing event at the UK Corporate Games Preston 2012 and this is a team that look set to make a real splash at Riversway in July.

With its Lancashire offices located next to Riversway in the heart of Preston, Official venue for the Dragon Boat Racing, Barclays Corporate are planning a massive welcome for all competitors taking part in one of the most celebrated events on the Games programme.

Dragon Boat Racing at the Corporate Games remains one our most popular and fun-filled events – and this year is guaranteed to be no exception!  With teams travelling from London, Birmingham, Derby, Newbury and Liverpool to name a few, spirits will be high and the drums will be beating as the 19-man crews get ready for 2-days of racing and fun.

Barclays Corporate have thrown themselves into the deep end…literally!

With a clear focus on supporting their client’s success, Barclays Corporate provides integrated banking solutions to businesses, serving a global network of relationship, industry sector and product specialist managers, providing tailored solutions to meet their needs. These include lending, risk management, trade, cash and liquidity management, and specialist asset and sales financing.

With over 300 years of corporate banking experience and commitment in building and maintaining strong relationships, Barclays Corporate would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone taking part in this year’s Dragon Boat event.

Barclays Corporate are ready to take the plunge…are you?

Entries are limited for the Dragon Boat event but there’s still time to enter!

To register your team, telephone +44 (0)1733 380 888 or email us for more information.

Visit the Corporate Games website for more information.


Cape Town Corporate Games 2012 proudly announces Southern Sun Waterfront Hotel as the Official Hotel Partner during Games

Southern Sun Waterfront CT

Take full advantage of the luxuries offered by our Official Hotel Partner Southern Sun Waterfront, whether you reside in Cape Town or are traveling from far.

The Southern Sun Waterfront is perfectly positioned at the entrance to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, which offers an extravagant shopping and entertainment experience. The hotel offers a stylish, cosmopolitan, vibrant feel with views of the majestic Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean and is a short 20 minute drive from the airport. The central position also assures you of hassle-free access to the city centre and to Cape Town’s famous beaches. Staying at the Southern Sun Waterfront is like having Cape Town at your fingertips.

The 546 rooms cater for every need and feature a private bathroom with separate shower.

Other room facilities include:

  • Individual air conditioning
  • Colour TV with satellite choices
  • Tea/coffee making facilities
  • Direct dial telephone with voicemail and wake-up call facilities which can be useful for early rising business professionals.
  • Work areas feature a range of phone re-charger and PC modem point.

In addition to the above, there is high speed wireless internet access throughout the hotel,full service laundry, baby sitting and for those whose appetite could strike at any time, 24-hour room service. At the Southern Sun Waterfront convenience and comfort go hand in hand with facilities such as undercover parking, a 24 hour concierge and a regular shuttle to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

The Yizani dinner restaurant offers tantalizing food in a cotemporary setting. The Continental Coffee & Cocktail Bar is the perfect spot for a cup of coffee or a sundowner.

Business can be conducted in either of two fully equipped meeting rooms, able to accommodate up to 30 people each.

Whether you’re visiting the Southern Sun Waterfront for business or pleasure, be assured that they will live up to their purpose of “We Create Great Memories”

Our Contact Details

1 Lower Buitengracht,
Cape Town 8001,
Private Bag X3,
Cape Town 8002

T: +27 (0)21 409-4000
F: +27 (0)21 409-4666
E-mail: [email protected]

GPS: S 33°54’56.92” | E 18°25’25.90’’

Directions: From the Airport, take the N2 highway to Cape Town. Follow the signs to Cape Town. The N2 ends and the Hotel is immediately on your left side.