Where it all began

San Francisco

Back in 1986, Dr Maureen Johnston had a vision to drive health and fitness in the workplace; she had the insight to see that sport was a common language between the large percentage of the workforce, and through sporting activity, people would not only feel better about themselves, but also have a more positive attitude towards their work during the day.

The first World Corporate Games was held in San Francisco in 1988 and thousands of ‘Weekend Sports Warriors’ took part; that is, people that worked full time but enjoyed sport within their recreational time.

The Games in San Francisco were a success, and from here on through to today, the World Corporate Games project has moved from city to city, spanning countries and continents, attracting people to participate under the banner of their organisation, whether it a large multi-national, a one-man band operation, school, university or sporting club.

The Corporate Games soon took on licensed projects around the world, with Games appearing in Greece, Australia, Russia, Turkey, the UK and more. Athletes soon began travelling to not only the Corporate Games in their country, but to more and more countries around the world, representing their organisation, and waiving their banner high and proud.

In 1992, following a Games within the UK, the World Head Quarters of the Corporate Games were based in Peterborough at The Mill, where the UK Corporate Games have been run from ever since.

The foundations that has been set by Maureen have marked the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the world and it will continue to do so