Another Great Year for the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community

Well, it is official!

2017 was officially the best year ever for the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community.  2017 saw more organisations represented and more participants involved in Corporate Games and Corporate Cup activity across the Globe than ever before.

We are thankful for the commitment and support of each and every participant, every official and every organisation that has supported the Games.  Without people and organisations like yours – there can never be a Games!

The Games programme started in Transylvania in January before moving through Europe, Asia and South America, into Africa, finally culminating with the World Corporate Games in Houston Texas returning to the USA (for the first time for more than 25 years) and closing 2017 with the largest Games of the year in Melbourne Australia.  What a year that was!

Whether you ran, walked, raced, played, partied or just enjoyed the celebrations we hope you had as wonderful a time as we did.  They certainly partied hard in Nottingham in the UK-even when the lights came on!

We are constantly trying to raise the bar, to enhance the Games and Cup experiences as well as ensuring that you have the opportunity to meet more people and create even better memories across the globe.  Please share any ideas that you think can help us to enhance the opportunities, benefits and enjoyment that our events provide.  We really value your feedback and we are genuinely striving to improve, develop and grow further.

So what have we got in store for 2018?  Hopefully more of the same but with a host of great new destinations to add to the programme.  If you are after a new location to sample the Games, then why not try Karachi the gateway to Pakistan in February, the impressive City of Lima in Peru in May, or new Games destinations of Monterrey in Mexico and Kansai in Japan in addition to the existing Games in Mexico City and Tokyo.  Maybe Lyon in France may be a good one for you.  Canada and Ecuador should have Games dates and destinations listed shortly and there is also a new Games planned for Holland in 2019 to look forward too.  Rest assured that wherever you decide to participate we will be working with our teams to give you the best possible experience.

Did you Know?

October 2018 will see us celebrate the passing of 30 years since the first Games was staged in San Francisco in 1988. This is a fabulous testament to the enduring qualities, the international appeal and the universal benefits and longevity of the Games.  The Games remains the ultimate mix of sport, business and tourism.  If you have entered or worked on any Games ever, you have helped us to reach this milestone and we are truly grateful.  We made it happen together.

Let’s hope that there will be some wonderful experiences for you and all of our sponsors, supporters and stakeholders next year within the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you do, and whoever you are, regardless of your age or level of sporting ability – in the spirit of the Games and in the ethos of Sport For Life – we sincerely hope that 2018 is a wonderful year for us all…

Asia Pacific Corporate Games in Tokyo Set To Be Huge And Opportunity is Everywhere

With the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community growing all of the time it is no wonder that larger and larger Games are being staged in great destinations around the world.  The Team in Tokyo look set to be on track for a massive Games again this year after really successful events in 2016 and 2015.  The great news is that members of the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community from around the World can take advantage of sponsored entry fees into the Asia Pacific Corporate Games if they travel to Tokyo for this exciting event.  The Team in Tokyo are keen to showcase this impressive City and the powerful Games to visitors from any destination.

Tokyo opened up entries on the 18th of April and almost immediately the first 2000 entrants had registered to be involved, which shows the great appeal and popularity of the Games there.

                                                               Baseball Sold Out in Minutes

The Games this year will feature 11 great sports including a new Japanese favourite of “jump rope” which looks like fabulous fun and a serious work out too! Baseball, Softball and Volleyball reached capacity quickly as always but the ever-popular Futsal and Relay Marathon have plenty of space as a result of the impressive facilities that the team have been able to source.  Plus the celebrations in Tokyo are always spectacular with top class entertainers offering multiple genre’s of entertainment for visitors of all tastes to enjoy.  The atmosphere is always electric and as you can see by the image everyone gets into the swing of the action!

Massive Celebrations are always popular at the Asia Pacific Corporate Games

So don’t forget all entrants from overseas can qualify for sponsored entries which may give you an even greater incentive to make the journey to the land of the rising sun!

September looks set to be a massive month for the Games with Cape Town in South Africa, Puteaux in France and the Mexico Corporate Games all taking place in addition to the World Corporate Cup of Triathlon and Dragonboat! Great Corporate Games will be follow in Johannesburg and Sydney in October.

However, it could be that November sees the largest number of entrants of any month this year with 7000 predicted in Tokyo, around 10,000 entrants possible in Melbourne Australia in addition to the potentially huge World Corporate Games in Houston, Texas, USA sandwiched in between. Abu Dhabi could be another great destination for you if you want the warmth of the Middle East.

First placed winners from any Games around the World will get complimentary entry into the World Corporate Games in Houston. Whilst any overseas visitor to Tokyo will also get a sponsored entry opportunity.

For information on any of these 11 fantastic events click the following links.

Capetown Corporate Games 7-10th September

Mexico Pacific Corporate Games 7-10th September

Puteaux Corporate Games France 7-10th September

World Corporate Cup of Triathlon Stoke-On-Trent, UK 10th September

World Corporate Cup of Dragonboat Racing Stoke-On-Trent, UK  16th September

New South Wales Corporate Games Sydney Australia  6-8th October

Johannesburg Corporate Games 13-15th October

Asia Pacific Corporate Games Tokyo 3-4th November

World Corporate Games 16-19th November

Abu Dhabi Corporate Games November

Australian Corporate Games Melbourne 24-26th November

Good luck to everyone involved, have a great time and get fit for business!

We’re gearing up for a huge Corporate Games weekend to remember!


the angel of independance


Mexico City Metropolitan Area

Mexico City was delighted to have delivered the successful bid to host the World Corporate Games 2015 and as the 6th largest city in the world and is a crucial cultural, financial and political centre. The Mexico Corporate Games team have been working hard since the announcement to make it a resounding success for local entrants and for those that have travelled across the Globe; the team have managed to secure the most athletes ever in Mexico for this edition of the Games, so it is sure to have a busy and international feel to it. Team AXA, Sodexo and Lloyds Banking Group are just a few of the teams that have secured their complimentary places in the Games having gained first place winners certificates in the UK Corporate Games 2015. Hundreds of other organisations from across Mexico and further afield like Israel and Istanbul are scheduled to take part and every sport on the programme is expected to be a real competition for the benefit of all taking part.


mexico pic










Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the Tokyo team have been working towards the first edition of the inaugural Asia-Pacific Corporate Games, which also takes place this weekend. With over 8,000 entrants confirmed from a vast array of organisations, the Tokyo team have done a fantastic job at securing businesses from across Tokyo, mainland Japan and overseas to take part.  Vodafone UK (who signed up to enter 300 entrants in the Europe Corporate Games Liverpool 2016 this week) are just one of the overseas organisations competing in the Basketball in Tokyo and hopefully this will be a wonderful competition for everyone involved. Tokyo is an extremely advanced and modern City and it is sure to be a great host City for the Games. The Tokyo Corporate Games team have managed to secure a number of venues that are located in the impressive Tokyo Bayside area.  This destination which will be home to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, so it will be exciting for our everyday athletes to have the opportunity to visit these great sporting facilities before the international athletes descend on the city in less than 5 years time.

Tokyo City Centre

Good luck to everyone taking part this weekend, whether you are going to be in Mexico City or Tokyo we can assure you its going to be a great weekend to remember!

For any more information or details on future Corporate Games, please do not hesitate to contract us here at the World Headquarters at:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (01733) 380 888












One Month left to Enter the Asia Pacific Corporate Games


All is ready for a huge success in the Asia Pacific Corporate Games scheduled for November 13-15.  More than 6,000 entrants had a wonderful time in the Games in Tokyo last year and this year is set to be an even bigger sporting experience in this exciting destination.

Plus, the organisers have kindly offered a one time only special entry to Asian and Pacific area companies whose affiliates in Europe or around the world have entered any previous Corporate Games! The first 20 entries per organisation are courtesy of the Asia Pacific Corporate Games.


tokyo 2To take advantage of this super offer click on and select Asia Pacific Corporate Games. Enter your team on line and note that this is the Special Entry in the payment section. Also, feel free to contact the Games HQ in Tokyo directly by email to [email protected] to reserve your place.

You can also send this message to your affiliated companies and they too can take advantage of a great opportunity to play their sport in the fabulous City of Tokyo.

Special accommodation and flight rates have been arranged by the Host Organization’s Official Travel Provider so what are you waiting for?

This Games is not to be missed and there is no doubt that the welcome and the hospitality will be exemplary as well as a varied standard of sporting competition.

Plus, last year witnessed one of the most spectacular celebration in events in Games History as you can see, with incredible celebrations for everyone to enjoy.



SO make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be one of the thousands at the inaugural Asia Pacific Corporate Games Tokyo 2015!

Good luck to you all…






Asia Pacific Corporate Games 2015 preparations are well under way


Following on from the great success of the Tokyo Corporate Games 2014, preparations are well under way for the Asia Pacific Corporate Games that will take place between 12-15th November 2015.

More than 6,000 entrants participated last year in Tokyo and the atmosphere was incredible.  Most of the participants involved were from mainland Japan but this year the organisers are hoping that overseas visitors will also have the confidence to visit Tokyo.


The massive Games celebration in 2014

The Games will again be staged in the impressive Tokyo Bayside area.  This destination will be a significant area of interest for those visitors keen to attend the major multi-sport event on the horizon in Tokyo in 2020, as most of the major venues for that festival will be located there.  

The venues and facilities available to the Corporate Games are all very impressive facilities in this area and the atmosphere is set to be phenomenal with even more entrants anticipated this year.

The Games features eleven sports across nine terrific venues in the City, including:

Venue (1) Relay Marathon Venue (2) Dragonboat racing Venue (3) Tug of War Venue (4) Basketball Venue (5) Futsal Venue (6) Baseball and Softball Venue (7) Tenpin bowling Venue (8) Tennis Venue (9) Dodgeball  


Venue Map of the impressive Tokyo Bayside Area

The Games team in Tokyo is working very closely with major supporting sponsors and organisations like Mitsui Fudosan and everyone involved is determined to showcase the legendary hospitality and attributes of the Japanese people.  Visitors will be assured of a wonderful Games experience in this bustling metropolitan City famed for its professionalism, politeness and cleanliness as well as an ever-expanding sporting expertise and interest.  What’s more very special rates are available for overseas organisations and even some sponsored entries for overseas guests! So don’t hesitate in contacting the Asia Pacific team to find out how you and your organisation can get involved.

Tejima Masao, Games Director of the Asia Pacific Corporate Games said “We are proud of the offer that we can make in Tokyo and we are determined to give visitors from across the world the very best games experience that we can.  We have some wonderful entertainment lined up again and our sports facilities are second to none”


Teambuilding in Tokyo!

Last year witnessed an incredibly impressive stage show as part of the Great Games Party and the celebrations this year are set to be equally spectacular.


Companies loved the spirit and camaraderie at the Grand Parade of Athletes

If you have not seen the scale of the Games in 2014 then please take a look at the Games Video.

The team in Tokyo can’t wait to welcome you to the Asia Pacific Corporate Games so take the opportunity and give the office a call on Tel.03-6869-6380 or email  [email protected]



Resounding Success For Corporate Games Tokyo

Tokyo Parade1

The Games World Headquarters is delighted to confirm that a wonderful  Corporate Games was staged in the great City of  Tokyo at the end of September.  With more than 6000 entrants and over 250 organisations participating, the Games has been hailed as a resounding success.

The Games featured Organisations in all 10 divisions with Mitsui Fudosan entering the largest Team and winning the prestigious Sport For Life Grand Award with over 600 entrants.  Mitsui were instrumental in supporting the Games in Tokyo.

Masao Tejima, Chairman of Corporate Games Tokyo 2014 said “It was incredible days in Tokyo. Over 6,000 competitors took part in Corporate Games Tokyo . Each of them had unforgettable memory. Thank you very much for joining us”.

These sentiments were echoed by Mr Tooru Inoue, Chief Executive Officer of the Residential division at Mitsui Fudosan, who said ” this Games was really special, over all, 13500 people including entrants, officials and volunteers and people who joined accompanying events gathered in Tokyo Bayside area and interacted with each other. I believe this will help local revitalization. With this Games as a start, I plan to deploy various efforts focusing on activating the Community”.

The Relay Marathon was the most popular sport with more than 1000 entrants and large numbers of spectators lining the route.

Tokyo Relay Marathon

Jumpei Ikeuchi-san also played an integral role in the development of the Games in Tokyo.  He was equally delighted with the outcome stating, “I am relieved that we staged the Games to Its full extent and that we generated so much excitement. The Corporate Games gave us a tremendous platform to connect many new organisations and companies, many of whom supported us very much.  We have loved our experience of the Games and I am looking forward to seeing you all over the world in the future”.

A selection of photo’s can also be found here. Please click here to view

And if you really want to get a feel of the Games in Tokyo why not view this Video.

The Games also featured a host of fabulous celebrations using a vast area of Space.  The celebrations were enjoyed by all of the competitors and their families and friends with a massive stage superstructure surrounded by rides, vendors, fun and activities for everyone to enjoy.

Vast Stage Ready and Prepared for the Games Celebration
Vast Stage Ready and Prepared for the Games Celebration


For those interested in participating in another Games in that region.  Okinawa will be staging a new exciting Games from the 5-8 March 2015.  Okinawa is a beautiful island destination with an array of fantastic sports facilities as well as being a thriving destination for tourism and business.  For details contact [email protected]

Why don’t you join the fun!

Tokyo WinnersWinners Tokyo 2