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UK Corporate Games 2020



The Corporate Games & Cups offer rich & varied opportunities for Sponsors, Suppliers & Supporters of every type, size & interest.

From building brand awareness to CSR initiatives the Games enables companies to

  • Increase sales & recognition through brand promotion.
  • Communicate the strengths of an organisation to the extensive & influential Games & Cups audience.
  • Demonstrate their sporting ethos & competitive spirit whilst recognising their commitment to employee well-being.

Being a Business event, the Games also offers the opportunity for Sponsors to:

  • Promote and/or announce the launch of new products & services.
  • Showcase their businesses as a reference for corporate solutions.

Combine participation with all the benefits of a super sponsorship package. Use the Games to boost your business & create a great team spirit.

All sponsor packages are tailored to individual company requirements. However to see some popular sample packages please click this link Sponsor Document.

For more information, contact uk@corporate-games.com or visit the relevant Games page


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