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Winter Corporate Games 2023


Tenpin Bowling

Tenpin Bowling
Competition Details


FIQ-WTBA - modified for Corporate Games

Bowlers may enter a maximum of 3 Events selected from Singles, Doubles or Team. A Team consists of any 4 persons.

For each Event Bowlers may enter only Handicap or Scratch.
Each Event is determined over a 3 game series.

Scratch Events are determined on a total pin fall basis.
Handicap Events are total pinfall plus Handicap.

Handicap Bowlers must declare their highest current League
Average which must be over 21 games to be legal.

This Average must be verified by a League Secretary and your latest League Standing Sheet must be attached and signed by the League Secretary.

Bowlers with no average over 21 games may use their last completed League Average providing it is not more than 5 pins below any current average over any number of games.

Handicaps will be based on 80% of the difference between the entering average and 200.

The maximum allowable Handicap will be 60.

Entries for Handicap Events received with no average and current League Standing Sheet will automatically be scored off scratch.

Specific Competition Details will be provided at Registration.


Standard Tenpin Bowling Clothing.
Matching Team shirts are required.
Dress shorts or culottes are acceptable. No Jeans.



There are age categories in the Games called Competition Classes which are determined by age as of 31 December in the year of the Games.
Competitors may enter one Class only in any one Event.
Athletes with disabilities welcome.