Organisations and Teams

The Teams

There is no limit to the number of people who may represent an Organisation or to the number of Organisations entering the Games or Cups.

Multinational and National Corporations, Medium and Small Businesses, Partnerships, Agencies, Societies, Clubs, Institutions and Organisations are all eligible to enter Games.

Full and part time Employees, Members of the Board, Managers, Retirees, Consultants, Agents, Clients, Families, Friends and Guests may be members of the Team.

Participating Organisations

Over 30,000 Organisations large and small from around the world have taken part in at least one  Corporate Games & the Corporate Cups

The following companies have competed in many Games.

Number of Games

Previous Games For an Organisation

Is your Organisation one of the many thousands that have participated in a Corporate Games anywhere in the world? To find out click on the link above.

All Organisations in a Previous Games

Is your Organisation a multinational, regional, national or local entity? You can check its participation in many of the countries and cities that have staged the Games since 1988. Look for it in the UK, or Mexico, in Cape Town or in Kuala Lumpur or anywhere in the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community. Find it by clicking on the link above in any one or more of the many Games around the globe.

Leading Organisations by Number of Games

Some Organisations have been in multiple Games from the very foundation of the 1st World Corporate Games in San Francisco in 1988. Some have played in every Games in one country, others have participated in several cities as a global Organisation. Check out your Organisation and see the leaders in number of Games entered. Just click on the link above.