Corporate Benefits

Invest in Morale, Team Spirit & Business Fitness

  • Build employee confidence and loyalty.
  • Create real "esprit de corps" and integrate management and workforce at every level.
  • Reach new clients, new business and new customers through sport.
  • Enhance awareness of the company name, product, service, or presence in the community.
  • Lead in the world wide programme of sport for management and employees.
  • Bond your organisation through sport, health, fitness and fun.
  • Develop contacts with leaders and representatives of national and multinational business.
  • Hold your conference or company meeting in the host city and cheer your team on to success.

Your Team

Create your team, tiny or tremendous, and get fit for business.

The following materials will help you build your Team:



Online Entry

Team Leader Handbook

Power Point Presentation

Customised Flyers


Personalised Presentations to Key Executives

Ask for assistance & advice from your chosen Games or Cup Office

The 100 club

Become a Member of the 100 Club that recognises the outstanding achievement of Team Leaders who have built a Team of 100 or more.

It's one of the best investments your Organisation will make!