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Australian Corporate Games 2023


Cricket 8s

Cricket 8s
Competition Details


MCC Laws of Cricket - modified for Corporate Games
A game is played between teams of 8 and consists of 7 six-ball overs bowled by each side from the same end.
Each fielder except the wicket keeper bowls 1 over.
Overs have a maximum of 8 balls except for the seventh over which must have 6 legal deliveries.
Underarm bowling is permitted in the Mixed competition only.
A batter must retire on reaching a personal score of 20.
Retired batters may return if the last batter is out before completion of 7 overs.
Each team must complete its 7 overs within 25 minutes.

Teams are scheduled a minimum of 3 matches.
Competition is pool play followed by elimination tournament.
Squad Size Min 10 Max 12 including management.
Mixed Teams must have no more than 4 players of each gender on the field when bowling. Grass square.
Specific Competition Details will be provided at Registration.

Open  No restrictions are placed on the age or composition of women and men  

Cricket whites or Company strip.

Teams provide own equipment except for stumps and bails.
Match balls supplied.
Helmets optional.

Open No restrictions are placed on age or composition of women and men