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Bucharest Corporate Games 2022


Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat
Competition Details


IDBF - modified for Corporate Games

No Dragon Boat Racing experience is required however all competitors must be able to swim at least 50m lightly clothed.
All participants must wear buoyancy aids.
Inexperienced swimmers advised to inform Dragon Boat crew - they will provide safety wristband.
Every crew is scheduled a minimum of 2 races. Competitors may only race for one crew.

A squad must have a minimum of 15 and may have up to 19.

A crew consists of a Drummer and between 12 (min) and 16 (max) paddlers in each race.
Approved Steerers will be provided.

A Captains Meeting which includes safety requirements will be held 30 minutes prior to the first start time. 
Specific Competition Details will be provided at Registration.



Matching shirts are required. It is recommended that shorts, t-shirt and trainers be worn for racing.

Fully equipped Dragon Boats, paddles and buoyancy aids are provided.




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Baza Sportivă Triumf