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UK Corporate Games 2024



SuperCentre Celebration

Leeds University Student Union

Leeds University Union – Lifton Place, Leeds, LS2 9JZ


The UK Corporate Games SuperCentre Registration will take place Thursday 25th July and Friday, 26th July, for all participants to register for their sport. Here’s a detailed description of the registration process and what athletes can expect:

Location and Atmosphere

The SuperCentre is a central hub specifically set up to manage the registration process for all athletes. The atmosphere is one of excitement and anticipation, as participants from various companies come together to start their Corporate Games weekend.

Registration Process

1. Arrival and Welcome: Upon arrival at the SuperCentre, athletes are greeted by event staff who will provide participants with their personal Games ID and guide them through the registration area. Clear signage and information desks are available to assist participants and answer any questions they might have.

2. Games ID Collection: Each athlete receives their official Games ID, a critical piece of identification for the duration of the event. The Games ID typically includes the athlete's name, company, sport, team and other relevant information. It grants them access to various venues and events throughout the Games weekend.

3. Sport-Specific Sign-Up: After collecting their Games ID, athletes move to sport-specific desks where they finalise their sign-up for their chosen sport. Here, they receive detailed information about the schedules, venues, and rules specific to their competitions.

4. Information and Welcome Packs: Athletes are given welcome packs that often include a schedule of events, venue maps, participant guidelines, and any other pertinent information. Some packs may also contain promotional materials, souvenirs, and vouchers from sponsors.

Additional Features

On-site accommodation Check in

Networking Opportunities

Sponsor area

Help desk and Great Games Party tickets

Celebration Venues

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Sport Venues

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Sponsors & Supporters