Fundamental Features

Tens of thousands of competitors around the globe representing thousands of organizations are playing in the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community – the Corporate Games  & the Corporate Cups

  • Open to everyone and to every size and kind of organization, business  or institution.
  • Build employee confidence, loyalty and team spirit.
  • No limit on the number in a team - from 1 to many hundreds.
  • Builders, bankers, artists, sales people, scientists, police, politicians and financial wizards...
  • Full and part time employees, colleagues, clients, family and friends…
  • The teams frequently include competitors from many countries.
  • No qualifying standards required.
  • Sports are open equally to women and men.
  • Competitors with disabilities welcomed.
  • Competition Classes based on age – Open, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60+ years.
  • Opening and Closing Celebrations, parties, parades, participation, medals and awards.
  • Competitors wear the colours and insignia of their organisation. There are no national flags, anthems or political ideologies.
  • All Athletes and Officials come together at the fabulous SuperCentre.
  • The Games have been held in every one of the continents (except Antarctica).
  • London, Geneva, Johannesburg, San Francisco and Sydney have been hosts. And so have the dynamic cities of Montevideo, Melbourne, Aberdeen, Athens, Belfast, The Hague, Lille, Seville and Tokyo.
  • Countries, states and cities including Mexico, Bermuda, Istanbul, Malaysia, Hawaii, Aruba, Jersey, Dubai, New Zealand, Cape Town and Victoria have welcomed the athletes and their friends to a marvellous mix of sport, business and tourism.

The Worldwide Corporate Sport Community -- Yours!