Intellectual Property Information

Trademarks, Service Marks, Logos, Copyrights &  Domains: Frequently Asked Questions 


All Corporate Games Trademarks, including Logos, design Marks, & word Marks, are CGE’s Intellectual Property ("IP") &  are protected by applicable laws.

If you are a Sponsor or Licensee of CGE that is contractually entitled to use any or all of the Corporate Games®, World Corporate Games ®, Trademarks (the "Marks"), please follow the specific usage guidelines provided as part of your Sponsorship or License Agreement. If you have questions regarding your use of the Marks, as outlined in your specific Agreement, please contact our Licensing department: [email protected].

If you are not a Licensee or Sponsor of CGE, & have no contractual Rights to use the Marks, please be advised that CGE generally does not grant permission for Third-Party use of its Marks, especially for use(s) in commerce. Such Trademark usage Rights are generally reserved to our current  Licensees & Sponsors. Granting you (or anyone else) any such Right may cause us to violate our legal commitments to those Licensees , Sponsors & or to our Official product suppliers. 

CGE’s IP consists of many pending applications & Registrations in the UK  as well as various Countries around the world. CGE’s IP includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Corporate Games

World Corporate Games 

It is important to note that Corporate Games® is a brand—it is an identifier of a specific source of goods &  services.


CGE’s IP also includes Copyrights in the form of film footage, photographs, publications, graphic designs & more (the "Copyrights"). Unauthorized use of CGE’s Copyrights is not allowed. Anyone who violates the Exclusive Rights of CGE’s Copyrights may be subject to damages, costs, & Solicitors Fees or other, applicable under UK local laws and regulations.

If you are not a Licensee or Sponsor of CGE that is contractually entitled to use the Copyrights & are interested in purchasing a License to use any CGE -owned photographs or film footage, or if you wish to use any of the Copyrights in any online publications, newspapers, magazines, or other media, please contact Media Rights at [email protected]. Permissions are granted solely at the discretion of CGE as owner of the Copyrights.


 Domain registrations are also an integral part of  CGE’s IP. Whether you are a Licensee  or Sponsor  with contractual Rights to use the Marks as outlined in the applicable Agreement, registering a domain containing the Marks or a confusingly similar Mark is strictly prohibited.

If you are a  Licensee or Sponsor  of CGE that is contractually entitled to use CGE’s IP & require a domain to be registered in order to fulfill your contractual obligations, please discuss this with CGE Hq Staff. If contractually obligated, CGE will register the domain & provide it to you for use, solely during the term of your Agreement.

If you are not a Licensee or Sponsor  of CGE that is contractually entitled to use CGE’s IP, please be aware that CGE closely & regularly monitors domains registered globally that contain CGE’s IP. CGE takes all appropriate &  necessary actions to either facilitate the transfer of domain registrations containing the Marks or, in the case of uncooperative Parties, initiate legal action. In some instances, resolutions over these disputes are sometimes sought through Arbitration procedures.

Adding a generic word to a known Trademark in an attempt to register a domain may still be considered cybersquatting or infringement (i.e.

To avoid issues involving an action or a violation of Trademark Infringement & potential damage awards, please refrain from registering domains containing the Marks or a confusingly similar Mark.

Previously Asked Questions

1.If I do not have a License  or Sponsorship  Agreement, am I allowed to freely use CGE’s Marks or Copyrights?

No. All use must either be Licensed or authorised under extraordinary special circumstances, which may or may not be granted at CGE’s discretion via [email protected] or [email protected].

2. If I am not a Licensee or Sponsor  of CGE, am I permitted to market & sell products containing one or more of the Marks through my small business or other online Third Party  retailers (Etsy, eBay, etc.)?

In general, we cannot grant permission directly to individuals to use our Logos on certain products. Such Trademark usage Rights are generally reserved to our current Licensees. Granting any such Right may cause us to violate our legal commitments to those Licensees & or to our merchandise suppliers. If you are interested in becoming a product Licensee, please contact [email protected]

3.  If I am going to register an internet domain, can I use Corporate Games®, World Corporate Games®?

No. Using any CGE Mark, in whole or in part (or a confusingly similar Trademark), may lead to legal actions or infringement/cybersquatting claims.

4. I want to start my own company and use Corporate Games ®, World Corporate Games®,  in my company name. Is this permissible?

No. You may not use or register, in whole or in part, a CGE Mark, corporate name (or the like) that contains the Corporate Games® or  World Corporate Games®. 

5. I am a reporter/blogger/journalist and would like to use a photo or film footage owned by CGE in my article, blog, website, and/or other media project. Do I need permission?

Yes. Please contact [email protected] to find out more information regarding the License & use of CGE’s Copyrights.