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São Paulo Corporate Games 2023


Host City

Great cities & regions - large & small – have hosted the Corporate Games & Cups

Cities combine good sports & festive facilities for mass participation with a welcoming, friendly & warm ambience. 

They provide a wealth of sports, tourism & business opportunities & benefit from the presence of thousands of participants from hundreds of organisations. 

About the city of São Paulo

São Paulo is a metropolis of many faces. At the same time it is the most important economic center of Brazil, it is the capital of culture in Latin America; with leisure, knowledge and entertainment offers that match to no other. A typically urban metropolis covered in a vast green area.

An innovative and vanguard city that preserves in its architecture, arts and gastronomy a past composed by the mix of over 70 nationalities. And, in parallel to preserving traditions, it keeps itself modern. Tuned in is the correct term to describe it. To know better the city only two things are required: an open mind and the willingness to dive in head first in this city that never sleeps.

São Paulo is a city of numbers. There are over 12 million inhabitants that share space with 14,9 million of tourists per year. It is 1,521 km² wide, offering several interesting places to meet, restaurants to taste different gastronomies, malls and many shopping centers for all kinds of goods. And even though buildings surround it, there are lots of parks and green areas.Speaking of it, here are some numbers regarding what “Paulistanos” and tourists can find on the city:320 hotels (44,000 rooms)

  • 63 hostels
  • 314 movie theaters
  • 138 theaters
  • 115 cultural centers
  • 150 libraries
  • 158 museums
  • 333 sport and leisure centers
  • 11 soccer stadiums
  • 109 parks and green areas
  • 20 thousand restaurants
  • 30 thousand bars
  • 53 malls
  • 33 thousand taxis


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