Welcome to the World Corporate Games

The World's largest multi-sport festival for businesses and organisations


Brand Awareness

  • B2B brand visibility.
  • International platform to promote your brand.
  • Kit your employees out and make them proud to where their uniform.
  • Compete against other teams from a plethora of different organisations.
  • Huge brand visibility throughout the host city!
  • Mega opportunity to improve your brand’s recognition.

The Corporate Games gives your business the opportunity to get in front of a truly global audience, whilst specifically broadening your brand awareness during our Games weekends

With the Corporate Games being truly a multi-sport festival specifically for businesses, there is huge potential and exposure on offer from a B2B perspective. The growing scale of the Corporate Games has seen over 26 000 compete in the Games and join our worldwide Sport for Life community. Our multi-sport festival firmly positions your company’s brand in the forefront of a vibrant and captive market.

Brand awareness is not only important externally but it is also essential to create brand recognition and loyalty amongst your staff members. Our large sporting programme allows you to promote your brand in a relatively inexpensive fashion, whilst also facilitating the enjoyment and fostering proudness throughout your organisation of the brand which they are working for and representing.