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Business Opportunities


Hosting the Corporate Games

Is your City or Region capable of staging the World Corporate Games or the Winter World Corporate Games and reaping the great economic and promotional benefits each provides? If so contact the Games World Headquarters at licenses@corporate-games.com for the Host City Bidding Guidelines.

Licenses for City, State and Regional Corporate Games

Licenses may be held by individuals or by private or public organisations capable of effectively marketing, administering and staging a Games. Comprehensive manuals, software programmes, training and support are provided. Long-term licenses are available now.

Once a Government Agency, Event Company, or Private Entrepreneur completes a comprehensive review and evaluation process, a License is awarded and permission is given to use the Corporate Games brand in a specified location for a set period of time.

As part of the License Agreement the Games World Headquarters provides Manuals, Design, Templates, Customised Software, and the comprehensive support necessary to its clients to successfully stage a Corporate Games.

Contact World Headquarters for all License details


The Corporate Games offer rich and varied opportunities for sponsors, suppliers and supporters of every type, size and interest.

A wide range of sponsorship options exist in every Games for brand recognition, sampling, direct and indirect sales, new product or service launches, and worldwide electronic presentations.

Create new business through the dissemination of materials, direct business to business marketing, new client searches and market acquisition and benefit from the affinity group options that exist throughout the Worldwide Corporate Sport Community. Enjoy excellent corporate hospitality and exploit the great feel-good factors produced by the Sports, Parties, and celebrations.

Combine participation with all the benefits of a super sponsorship package. Use the Games to boost your business and create a great team spirit.

Merchant Licenses

Licenses are available for souvenir, food and beverage, clothing, and other merchandising using the Games logos, marks, and extensive database. Exhibition, display, and sales stands are available at the SuperCentre and other selected venues.

Contact the appropriate Games Office.

Career Opportunities

Work with the Games in your area.

Positions range from long term student placements to full time career appointments in sales, sports, marketing, IT and operations.

Contact the World Headquarters or appropriate Games Office